Dylan Hughes : Knowledge Gods

So, last Bank Holiday weekend myself and fellow Shitting Fists/F.O.G. cohort, photographer extraordinaire and hetero life mate, Ben Rayner went to shoot Raekwon. It was a blazing hot Sunday and we decided to ride down to his telly, the Radisson in Canary Wharf. After some confusion as to where it was (and riding on a fucking motorway, never again) we got there 10 minutes late for a 1am shoot. Ben wasn’t best pleased about this but was quickly appeased when there was nobody there to meet us.

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Gavin Watson : 89

Gavin Watson grew up in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, photographing the people he knew and the gangs they hung out with. He has received much critical acclaim for his book : Skins and Punks, documenting the skinhead movement of the 1970’s / 1980’s. He has selected a series of photos for the GETME! website :

I remember thinking I had managed to be part of the skinhead lifestyle which was amazing, and that now I was young enough to appreciate another new cultural movement. I just felt sorry for people who didn’t go. I had got into Madness for fun, for girls, for the clothes, the excitement that it brought, and just for dancing. But by the time I was 23 the skinhead thing had just turned into macho posturing. The dancing, the girls, all that had gone and literally all it was was protecting your patch. Stupidity! So when raving came along there was no choice: going up the pub and pretending to be hard? Or standing in a field with thousands of beautiful people watching the sun come up? There was no choice.

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James Edson : The Persian Rug

Lewis Wright : Nothing Special

GETME! Interviews James Jarvis

Born in London in 1970, and raised on a diet of Richard Scarry, Hergé, Asterix and Judge Dredd, Jarvis studied illustration at the University of Brighton and at the Royal College of Art in London. He has worked for international clients such as Sony, Nokia and Parco and contributed to a number of international style publications including The Face, Nova and Relax. He has also contributed to a number of art book projects and had a collection of his sketches published by Relax magazine in Japan. He has shown his work at various exhibitions worldwide including prestigious stand-alone shows at the Parco galleries in Tokyo, Nagoya and Hiroshima.

In 1998, James Jarvis created the plastic toy figure ‘Martin’ for Silas, a London-based fashion company, unwittingly helping to kick-start the ‘Designer Toy’ phenomenon. Martin was conceived simply as a promotional item for the then new company but he proved to be surprisingly popular in his own right. Over the next five years Jarvis produced more toys for Silas, including ‘Tattoo-Me Keith’ and the mysterious ‘Bearded Prophet’.

With the success of the figures, Jarvis and the two directors of Silas decided to create a dedicated toy company Amos (established in 2003) was set up to independently produce and distribute Jarvis’ figures and open up his designs to a wider audience. So far Amos has released the successful In-Crowd series, including Zombies, Punk Rockers, Juvenile Delinquents and Wrestlers, and created the iconic ‘King Ken’, a great ape. In 2006 Amos published the comic book adventure story ‘Vortigern’s Machine’, co-written with Russell Waterman, which tells the story of two friends, Rusty and Wiggs, and how, wandering through their suburban environment, they uncover some of life’s more pressing metaphysical questions.

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GETME! X Michael Otero

For the photoshoot of our third t shirt release , designed by Rob Mathieson , we teamed up with photographer Michael Otero and model Alice Goddard .Here are the results:

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GETME! X Daniel David Freeman X Tyrone Lebon

For our second t shirt release we teamed up with illustrator Daniel David Freeman of Crystal Vision and photographer Tyrone Lebon.

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