The fifty fifth in our series of guest mixes comes from Young TEE, the first signing to Andy Blake’s “In Plain Sight” label. Lots of greatness from him in the near future.

1. youngTEE – can’t stop
2. cajmere ft jamie principle – god sent
3. virgo four – going through life
4. terrence parker – your love
5. james sims – secret fantasy (tp mix)
6. dj sprinkles – grand central part 1
7. azari and III – hungry for the power (jj mix)
8. kikumoto allstars – everybody
9. youngTEE – the way you kiss
10. youngTEE – lewisham ‘92
11. cajmere & russoul – lets dance
12. todd terry vs robert owens – show me
13. cajmere ft dajae – brighter days (ug mix)
14. mood II swing – closer (dub)
15. virgo four – it’s a crime (hunee mix)

The fifty fourth in our series of guest mixes comes from Portable Sunsets, The solo project of musician and artist Peter Segerstrom. His music is about silicon sand and robot romance. Floating somewhere between crystal sharp techno and blurry faded love ballads from the year 2560, Portable Sunsets is a vision quest for young androids.

Track listing :

1. Huaso – Microbird
2. Mass Transit Railway – Monolake
3. Disintigration Loops 3 – William Basinski
4. The Curlew – Nathan Fake
5. Song for Pronghorn – Little Coyote (Written by Clint Campbell)
6. Harmony in Blue 2 – Tim Hecker
7. Stress Waves – Oneohtrix Point Never
8. The Dream – John Tejada
9. Easy Listening Magic – Tape Lion
10. Line – %
11. Rhythmic Variation II – Daphne Oram
12. 12041403 – Innominate
13. Just To See You Smile – Spacemen 3
14. 12041404 – Innominate
15. One Who Can’t Move – Galapagoose
16. Brazil (Live On Tape Cassette) – Luke Abbott
17. Valentine – Moomin
18.Tausend Tränen Tief (Steve Bug remix [Portable Sunsets Edit]) – Blumfeld & DJ Koze
19. Changes Come – Gus Gus
20. Aluminum Sleep – Young Male
21. Christopher – Tape Lion

The fifty second in our series of guest mixes comes from the elusive Bahamian Moore, South London’s finest purveyors of all things vinyl. Check out there excellent Moor Places club night.

Track listing : N/A

The fifty first in our series of guest mixes comes from 100% Silk signing, Fort Romeau. a side project of La Roux keyboard player, Mike Norris. Go check out his debut LP, Kingdoms.

Track listing : N/A

The fiftieth in our series comes from Dublin’s GOODTIME. John Cowhie’s “The Colour of Darkness” LP pinpoints a sophisticated and unique Irish talent, go buy it. Enjoy.

Track listing :

1. Moondog – Ostrich Feathers Played On Drum
2. Actress -I Can’t Forgive You
3. Darkside – A2
4. El Perro Del Mar – Change of Heart
5. Chromatics – These Streets Will Never Look the Same
6. Badlands – A New Day
7. Tropics – Going Back
8. John Talabot – Destiny feat. Pional
9. GOODTIME – One Shot (David Kitt’s Different Dream Mix)
10. Jim Sulliavn – Plain As Your Eyes Can See
11. Mount Eerie – BetweenTwo Mysteries

The forty ninth in our series of guest mixes comes from Palé, the eighteen year old Manchester based producer. Check out his releases on Fat! Records and Bullet train. One to watch.

Track listing :

1. Fille – Pále
2. Consume – My Nu Leng
3. Revenue (Untold Remix) – Ramadanman
4. ??? – ???
5. Could It Be – Dauwd
6. Back to the Garage – Kasio
7. Off Track (Woz Remix) – C4
8. Worst Job Of Good Luck – Pále
9. Silkworm – Visionist
10. Absolutely – 3hrs
11. Why’d You Even Say – Pále
12. Little Things Like That – Untold
13. Kwame – Zulu
14. Drowning – Locked Groove
15. Pacific – South London Ordnance
16. Why’d You Even Say (Lakosa Dub) – Pále
17. Ripgroove – Double 99
18. Genghis Beat (Demo) – Pále
19. Feel Them – LOL Boys
20. The Question (The What) – South London Ordnance
21. Wassup (D.Fine Remix) – ASAP Rocky
22. The Omen – Cubiq
23. I’m Free (Carl Craig Remix) – Catz n Dogz

The forty eighth in our series of guest mixes comes from Raisa K, member of Micachu and The Shapes. Having studied electronic music a Guildhall School of Music and Drama she is now focusing on her solo material whilst playing live with Dels. One to watch.

Track listing :

1. Theorie de la Contradiction- Vivenza
2. Forever Dolphin Love- Connan Mockasin (m.a.t.h.e.s rework)
3. Rupert Murdoch and Vivendi- Radio Boy
4. FRG- Raisa K and Thomalla
5. Melting Patterns instrumental- DELS/ Micachu
6. Guitary- Raisa K
7. Diplon- Memotone
8. Doble Troble- Copia Doble Systema
9. Fluffy Dragons- Full Crate
10. Sunshine Buddy- Laurel Collective (Raisa K remix)
11. Country Fair instrumental- Raymond Scott
12. Repetition- Raisa K
13. Freestyle Dumping- Stereolab

GETME! Guest Mix 48 – Raisa K by GETME!

The forty seventh in our series of guest mixes comes from the cult dj that is Andy Blake. Boosting an extensive music knowledge and a record collection to match, he heads the great club night that is World Unknown, a monthly party “dedicated to the noble art of throbbing electronic music for dancing”. We are glad to have him playing at our fifth birthday.

Track listing : N/A

GETME! Guest Mix 47 : Andy Blake by GETME!

The forty sixth in our series of guest mixes comes from California based producer, Don Froth. Check out his releases on Phonica and his very own Froth’n Records label.

Track listing :

1. Message from Chain
2. Jungle Echoes – Jungle Drums Variations
3. DJ Godfather & DJ Nasty – Where Dem Hoes At? (Ins)
4. Don Froth – Balboa
5. Mika Vainio – Promo White
6. Special Forces – White
7. Boddika – Syn Chron
8. Subject # 10 – White
9. Boddika – Grand Prix
10. Dark Mountain Group – Loose Control (reprise)
11. Milyoo – Biogram v2 (West Norwood Cassette Library remix)
12. Perc – Headphone Heart
13. The Groove Kemist – Set You Free
14. Four On The Floor – Your Mind Is So Crazy
15. West Norwood Cassete Library – Blonde on Blonde

GETME! Guest Mix 46 : Don Froth by GETME!

The forty fifth in our series of guest mixes comes from illusive Berlin based artist and musician o F F Love. His eerie deconstructed take on R&B soon to be demonstrated in his debut album, out in early 2012.

Includes the sounds of :

Arthur russel
Yung Bukkake

GETME! Guest Mix 45 : o F F Love by GETME!