November 13, 2019

Guest Mix number one hundred and nine comes from The Japanese artist Sugai Ken. Encompassing the gambit of electronic music whilst refusing to be pinned down, The Kanagawa based artist invites you into his world of neo-Japonica, an initiative created in between traditions, contemporary sounds and technologies.

Track listing :

1. Yannick Dauby – Untitled B
2. The Pierre Bastien – Frantic Motors
3. Tiago Sousa – A Conquista do Pao
4. The Dead Mauriacs – Résidence azteque a colonnades (avec vue sur l'ocean)
5. Tasos Stamou – Boating
6. People Like Us – Abridged Too Far
7. Pali Meursault – les apparitions ne font rien a part etre
8. O Morto – The Spirits
9. Hair & Treasure – Juno Lake Loop pt1


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