November 13, 2019

The one hundredth and twelfth mix in the series comes from Chicago’s Ariel Zetina. With a sound routed in techno she takes inspiration from Chicago House, Belizean Punta, Brukdown and the queer club scene worldwide. Part of the extended Discwoman family, she is a resident at the legendary Chicago house club Smartbar, where she runs Diamond Formation, one of her many club nights across the city (Rosebud, Ariel’s Party, Rumors). She is a playwright and poet, and is currently working on a commission for The House Theatre of Chicago and a score for her play Pink Milk for an upcoming Baltimore production.

Track listing :

1. BLASTAH & Divoli S’vere- Get Like Me
2. Kakarot- Port Harcourt (Shriekin’s Orchestral Remix)
3. Nguzunguzu- Harp Bell
4. Alexander East – Hazy Shade of Love
5. SOPHIE- Pony Boy (Morgan Hislop’s ‘Piano Boy’ Bootleg)
6. BLACK VANILLA – Throw It Down (MikeQ X DJ Fade Remix)
7. Douster- Bernard Lhermite
8. Ikonika – Shovel
9. object blue – act like it then
10. Pixel Grips – Soft Peaks (Ariel Zetina Remix)
11. Cold Beat- Jennifer
12. Tygapaw- Bag Juice
13. Millia Rage – BDU (Ariel Zetina Remix)
14. False Witness- Red Curtain at Daybreak
15. Perfect Health- Wall of Mist
16. Finn- Do Good Boys Get The Fear


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