November 13, 2019

The one hundredth and sixteenth in the series comes from Sofie K, a resident at NTS Radio, Limbo Radio and London’s Netil Radio. Sofie K has been a purveyor of otherworldly oddities around the country for a while. Her shows lie on the fringes of dark italo, leftfield disco, cosmic new wave and whatever else she feels like. Having played alongside the likes of Jayda G, Powder, Mr Bongo, LOFT, Annabel Fraser, Jon K, Kiara Scuro and Nosedrip, she also brought her unique sound to the prestigious Tate Modern art gallery in London at the end of last year.

Track listing :

1. Kohib - Parlez Vous Francais
2. Jane Fonda - Introduction
3. Unknown - Rhythmic Gymnastics
4. Kord - Soviet Stars
5. Betamaxx - Integrated Circuitry
6. Masalo - New Dance
7. Egyptian Lover - Egypt, Egypt
8. Bob Sinclair - Gym Tonic (Thomas Bangalter Mix)
9. Girl Talk - Can The Rhythm
10. Mike Mareen - Love Spy
11. Lime - Are You Being Untrue Tonight
12. Jurchen - I'm Everything You're Not
13. Evanton - Hustle With Every Muscle
14. Schuttle - Grade 2 PM


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