October 15, 2020

GM Guest Mix #133 comes from new comer Mxshi Mo (AKA Nkanyiso Shoba). Hailing from Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, he highlights his unique take on The Gqom and Sghubu sounds with a mix of all his own tracks, including new and unreleased material. His most recent EP was released by the prolific More Time label and he continues to create at a feverish pace.

Track listing :

1. Mxshi Mo - Washa
2. Mxshi Mo - Cyber Kidz
3. Mxshi Mo - Slum Boy
4. Mxshi Mo - Sumerian
5. Mxshi Mo - Ghetto Trance
6. Mxshi Mo - Tech Wars
7. Mxshi Mo - Space Zulu
8. Mxshi Mo - Deda feat. Sykes
9. Mxshi Mo - Atonal Atmospheres

GETME! ยท GETME! Guest Mix 133 : Mxshi Mo

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