November 1, 2019

GM Guest Mix number one hundred and twenty three comes from DJ, producer and singer Dyani, who works in the underground electronic music tradition of sonic myth-making in order to resurrect spiritual tradition, ancestral memories, generational trauma and healing. A student and lover of afrodiasporic dance music ranging from the likes of Detroit techno to South African gqom, the LA-based artist released their debut single, “Airborne” in October and will follow with a full-length album in 2020.

Track listing :

1. Dyani - Atlantis (Interlude)
2. Afriqua - Upstream (feat. Zap Mama)
3. Crystallmess - Mariage Burlesque
4. Moncef Abdel-Kader - Logobi Galaxy 2
5. Dyani - Airborne
6. Piri Piri - Mami
7. Junglepussy - Spiders
8. Arpanet - Illuminated Displays
9. Summer Walker & Usher - Come Thru
10. Arpanet - Wireless Internet
11. Tinashe - Die a Little Bit (feat. Ms Banks)
12. Summer Walker - Body


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