GM Guest Mix number one hundred and twenty two comes from Camila Fuchs, the duo made up of Camila de Laborde and Daniel Hermann-Collini. Forged in London’s global melting pot, originally hailing from Mexico City and Munich respectively, the duos seamless melding of artificial and organic sound sourced together with de Laborde’s untreated stripped vocals, lends to unique droning, immersive electronic psychedelia.

Track listing :

1. Penelope Trappes – Burn On
2. Kraftwerk – Storm
3. Olivier Messiaen – Oraison
4. Coil – Manukind
5. Alec Empire – 37.2 Pt.2
6. Kelman Duran – Introductions
7. Nine Inch Nails – The Downward Spiral
8. Ec8or – Zero Heroes
9. Young American Primitive – These Waves
10. The KLF – A Melody From The Past Life
11. Scott Walker – It’s Raining Today
12. Tim Hecker – Arm Blue 1
13. Coil – We Have Always Been Here
14. Dark Morph – Tovuto
15. Eartheater – Preservation
16. Fuck Buttons – Sentients
17. Color Plus – Ut
18. Bruce Hack – Untitled #3

GM Guest Mix number one hundred and twenty one comes from Ehua, the London based Italian – Ivorian producer and DJ. She recently released her debut EP ‘Diplozoon’ via The Femme Culture imprint as well as contributing to their HeForShe charity compilation. She continues to run The GRIOT platform, focusing on African arts and its diaspora as well as her composition work for various arts performance pieces.

Track listing :

1. Beacon – On Ice (Elkka Remix)
2. Avernian – 51.2544
3. DJ Lag and Okzharp – Steam One
4. Citizen Boy – Njibe
5. Lobby & DJ Polo – Cava by the Harbour
6. Hence Therefore – Waste Frontier
7. Griffit Vigo – Ayeye Vigo
8. Wallwork – Yugi
9. Lurka – Plenty
10. DJ Plead – Liquify
11. Leila Samir – Ends
12. DJ JM – Bar Bell
13. DJ P – Permeation
14. Batu – Statin (Dub)
15. Joe – Line to earth
16. 33EMYBW – Drum

GM Guest Mix number one hundred and twenty comes from Akito, NTS resident and founder of the influential Sans Absence imprint. Described as ‘the chief of minimal club tracks’ Akito continues to push his unique take on bold club production with rattling drum sequences and stripped back grooves, celebrating and re-contextualising London’s rich musical heritage whilst shining a light on all things contemporary.

Track listing :

1. De Grandi – Steve 3
2. DJ JM Well Known for None
3. Akito – Luv Hotel
4. Lobby x DJ Polo – De Duna
5. TNT – Nissi
6. Akito – Visa Run Rhythm
7. Galtier – Jewel
8. Eycee – Relic
9. Tribal Brothers – Walking Warrior
10. Akito – Drown My Demons
11. Farsight – Salkantay
12. KG x Scratchclart – Baga Drmz
13. Scratchclart – Kodjo’s Return
14. O.M.A.A.R – Bird Theme
15. Fearz – Timba
16. NKC – Hissing
17. TSVI – Hossam
18. Dolo Percussion – Dolo 1
19. Mickey Pearce – Dig Me Up

Guest mix number one hundred and nineteen comes from London based Swedish DJ and producer Aircode, dissecting the changing forms of electronic and experimental music whilst refusing to conform to the boundaries and expectations of genre.

Track listing :

1. XII – Curve D’argento╯
2. Emily Glass -SNOWDREAM
3. GILA – Trench Cadence
4. dgoHn – Dooky
5. FAKETHIAS – Thrust
6. Holloway – Agar Oud
8. Fads-Chicken x Chynna
9. Baby Blue & Dasychira – Scruu
10. Amazondotcom – A Flower, Nocturnal and Permanent
11. Levan Shanidze – Careful, anger
12. 100 gecs – ringtone
13. Ben Vince – Mark Of The Spirit

The one hundredth and eighteenth in the series comes from London based artist and Exit Records signee, Dolenz. Having recently released his debut LP “Lingua Franca” on dBridge’s imprint, he continues to distill his signature sound, working with the likes of Guilty Simpson on lead track “Pull”, tapping into a creative palette taking cue’s from The Bomb Squad, Sa Ra Creative Partners, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Apocalypse Now, Fabio and Marly Marl.

Track listing :

1. Dolenz – MurdaThis
2. Alix Perez – Last Rites
3. Kromestar – Alien Bounce
4. Kromestar – Panic
5. Dolenz – Yottabyte
6. GREAZUS X Sinistarr – UR4CR33PER
7. SertOne – Das Yob
8. Thelem – Backchat
9. Thook – COSTS
10. Wiley – Morgue (Danny Scrilla Remix)
11. Fracture – Verhoeven
12. Jay(AD) – Ghost Chat
13. Oliver Yorke – Sergio
14. Dolenz – Nunuffruff
15. 4Tune Empire – Plasticity
16. Deft – Cronx
17. Sam Binga & Halogênix – I’m An Adult
18. Dolenz – KillThis
19. Dolenz – Jevastator
20. Dolenz – Turnip
21. Uphigh Collective & Vorace – Binomium
22. Jimi Perspective – Eshu
23. Dolenz – Contains Syncrolon ft Hector Plimmer
24. Venuq – Minerals
25. Zuli – Trigger Finger

‘Extended Memory Pt 2″ The one hundredth and seventeenth in the series comes from Gareth Goddard aka Cherrystones, the longstanding international DJ, soundtrack composer/producer, compiler and music consultant. He has recently released two new records, one for Cult psychedelic band Hawkwind, where he reworked two classics, and another being a marriage of his own beat heavy synth & drum style, demonstrating a unique and care free approach & more importantly his deep love of music and it’s many forms, his 8 year standing NTS radio show has a strong devout following and when he is not making music, Dj’ing and opening for respected bands he mostly likes to cook and enjoy nature after all music is the food of love.

Track listing : NA

The one hundredth and sixteenth in the series comes from Sofie K, a resident at NTS Radio, Limbo Radio and London’s Netil Radio. Sofie K has been a purveyor of otherworldly oddities around the country for a while. Her shows lie on the fringes of dark italo, leftfield disco, cosmic new wave and whatever else she feels like. Having played alongside the likes of Jayda G, Powder, Mr Bongo, LOFT, Annabel Fraser, Jon K, Kiara Scuro and Nosedrip, she also brought her unique sound to the prestigious Tate Modern art gallery in London at the end of last year.

Track listing :

1. Kohib – Parlez Vous Francais
2. Jane Fonda – Introduction
3. Unknown – Rhythmic Gymnastics
4. Kord – Soviet Stars
5. Betamaxx – Integrated Circuitry
6. Masalo – New Dance
7. Egyptian Lover – Egypt, Egypt
8. Bob Sinclair – Gym Tonic (Thomas Bangalter Mix)
9. Girl Talk – Can The Rhythm
10. Mike Mareen – Love Spy
11. Lime – Are You Being Untrue Tonight
12. Jurchen – I’m Everything You’re Not
13. Evanton – Hustle With Every Muscle
14. Schuttle – Grade 2 PM

The one hundred and fifth mix in the series comes from South London’s Intentionally Cold. As part of The HRMC collective, he explores the outer reaches of club music with releases on the likes of Tobago Tracks and appearances on NTS and Boiler Room.

Track listing :

1. INTENTIONALLYCOLD – Innercity Pressure (Poundshop Remix)
2. Oliver Twist – Ethereal
3. Engine – Fuckboi
4. Calcifer x Cold – One Night Only
5. Grandmixxer x JEB1 – XXV Instrumental
6. INTENTIONALLYCOLD – Innercity Pressure
7. Oliver Twist – Are You Dumb
8. Calcifer – Remy’s Pistol (R U Dumb)
9. Polonis – Hot 3
10. MJK – Bongo Eyes 3
11. Ship Sket – Yves Parra Riddim
12. Sbuers – Beat B’dddbox VIP Special
13. hmurd- Shepard’s Delight (Cold Remix)
14. DJ Conflict – Wheel It (Cold Remix)
15. Ultra Rambo – Kill Off VIP
16. Nanny Wams – Afrodrill
17. Poundshop – Jiggance
18. D.O.K – Chemical Planet (Baddie Remix)
19. Bruza – Get Me
20. Chamber45 – Slow Jam Refix (Cold Special)
21. Calcifer x Cold – Sent 2 Da Morgue
22. INTENTIONALLYCOLD – Innercity Life
23. MJK – P-60
24. Oliver Twist – Ethereal (Starship Mix)
25. Oliver Twist – It Can’t Be
26. Engine – 800bhp
27. DJ Conflict – Space Dub

The one hundredth and fourth mix in the series comes from Anna Lann, the conceptual interdisciplinary audio-visual artist, composer, producer and DJ who works in a variety of mediums, from visual arts and sound-design to film, performance and installation art. In her practice, she explores philosophical and scientific notions, using surreal situations to examine the boundaries between reality and fantasy, pushing the limits between object and subject. Anna is also the founder of the conceptual multidisciplinary art hub ‘Penthouss’ alongside partner Jonathan Leopold Trichter, within which they are molding together different artistic mediums and disciplines and generating new systems.

Track listing : N/A

The one hundredth and thirteenth mix in the series comes from Japan’s Shinichiro Yokota who has been offering his own unique take on house music since 1988 via Far East Recordings. Shinichiro Yokota has enjoyed a revival of late, thanks to a recent reissue on Rush Hour of his classic ‘Do It Again’ and further reissues on Hhrati with long-term friend and partner in crime Soichi Terada.

Track listing :

1. Sora sky magic (Shinichiro Yokota Remix)
2. Night drive2.0 – Shinichiro Yokota
3. Time traveling – Shinichiro Yokota
4. This moment – Shinichiro Yokota
5. Right here right now – Shinichiro Yokota
6. Timeless – Shinichiro Yokota
7. Take yours – Shinichiro Yokota
8. Sayonara – Shinichiro Yokota & Pleasure Cruiser Feat Wakana Hr
9. Fuyuukan – Shinichiro Yokota
10. Bilieve the house – Shinichiro Yokota
11. Rainforest – Shinichiro Yokota, Pleasure Cruiser (feat. Ayako Higa)
12. Do it again (Live Version) – Shinichiro Yokota